Colosseum - Roman Colosseum, Gladiator Games Colosseum – the greatest roman amphitheatre, the place for gladiator fights and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome, Italy Feb 15, 2019


Roman Colosseum
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Roman Colosseum Roman Colosseum
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Colosseum is one of the most interesting constructions of all time! With a controversial history, the scene of bloody gladiator fights still remains a great touristic site for history lovers all around the world.

The Colosseum also helps us decrypt the Roman society.

Everything about the Colosseum is impressive, from the building’s dimensions to the gladiator stories! And Closseum is not just a story! It is one of the most visited places in Rome, Italy.

1. Roman Colosseum
2. Technical Description
3. Usage of Colosseum
4. Gladiator Games
5. Facts of Colosseum
6. Who were Gladiators?
7. Colosseum Pictures
8. Name of Colosseum
9. Winners and Defeated
10. Modern Colosseum

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