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Other Buildings - Colosseum - Roman Colosseum, Gladiator Games

The Colosseum was not just a place for celebrations, a real industry, supported by additional buildings nearby.

There still remained some signs of the existence of those constructions. To the east of the amphitheatre there are the remains of the Ludus Magnus, a training school for gladiators.

The gladiators had an easy access to the Colosseum through an underground passage that connected Ludus Magnus and the amphitheatre.

Anyway, the Ludus Magnus had its own miniature training arena, a popular attraction for Roman spectators. All that area was dedicated to training schools - the Ludus Matutinus or morning school, used to train the fighters of animals or the Dacian and Gallic Schools.
Other Buildings - Colosseum - Roman Colosseum, Gladiator Games
Other Buildings - Colosseum - Roman Colosseum, Gladiator Games
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