Colosseum – the greatest roman amphitheatre, the place for gladiator fights and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome, Italy
Facts of Colosseum

- The Colosseum was designed by a Roman poet Virgil rather than an architect or a designer.

- Colosseum was used by the Christians as a worship place. 

- There used to be a large cross which was removed in 1870. Then in 1926 it was replaced by Mussolini.

- In Roman times gladiators were both admired and disliked. They were actually slaves and had no citizenship rights but they were also liked by some Roman high society women for their physical appearance and strength.

- Lord Byron and Mark Twain, two famous authors, wrote about Colosseum.

- The gladiatorial spectacles faded out by 432 AD not because of humanity, because of the cost spent for curing the animals and gladiators had become very expensive.

Facts of Colosseum