Colosseum – the greatest roman amphitheatre, the place for gladiator fights and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome, Italy
Colosseum Restoration

The restoration works all around the Colosseum, with the sponsorship of 33 million Dollars, are almost over in 2016. Many archaeologists, architects, engineers, specialized workers and restorers contributed to the restoration works and the brilliant results have been obtained with their passion, experience and dedication. 

Restoration works are all done with the full respect to the monument and the environment.

Restoration works on Colosseum began after almost 3 years of debate in 2013. Six million tourists visit the Colosseum every year and the monument not closed down during restoration works so they could go on visiting there. The facade of the monument was cleaned, cracks were repaired and the metal arches were removed on the ground level. 

Pollution had turned the stone a variety colors such as black and dirty cream but now the monument’s travertine limestone is a vibrant dark ivory color. This was the first full cleaning in the Colosseum’s history. 

Restorations to Rome’s Colosseum brought the ancient stadium back to life. More than 2000 years later the restored piece of history is still impressing visitors.